In keeping with our belief that clients must connect to achieve their full potential, we design and deliver professional training programmes to individuals, Governments and organisations, both in the private and non profit sectors.

We use clarity of content and communication to deliver our professional training programmes and to communicate our fundamental message.


Through presentations, videos and written material that encourage people to consider how they network, professionals will gain the skills needed to make meaningful connections.

Our Team

Meet our highly qualified team of consultants.

Kingsley Aikins
Economics and Politics graduate of Trinity College, Dublin. Kingsley has spent over 30 years working in 6 countries in the areas of trade and investment, philanthropy, education, culture, tourism and sport. As CEO of a major international non-profit organisation for 17 years, he raised over a quarter of a billion dollars in 12 countries. Kingsley and his colleagues are now focusing on online / offline training in Networking, Philanthropy and Diaspora with corporations, governments and non profit organisations.
Claire Aikins
Planning and Communications
Masters from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Claire understands that aesthetic thinking helps to communicate complex concepts simply. This approach is a key factor in the strategy and design of the DM training programmes.
Margaret Morgan
Project Management
Masters from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Margaret evaluates and develops ever-changing programme content to deliver a product that is relevant, inspiring and educational.