DM Training is part of Diaspora Matters, a Global Training and Consultancy company. We have operated in over 30 countries and worked with more than 100 organisations that include Corporations, Governments, NGO’s, Educational Institutions and Multilateral Organisations. We have developed a unique methodology and approach to training in the core areas of  Networking, Philanthropy and Diaspora. This is based on 25 years of research and experience in these areas.


We believe that networking is an essential element of business and personal development. However schools and colleges don’t teach networking and companies don’t have strategies for it.

Our mission is to demonstrate why connecting and networking is now more important than ever and to show how to become better at it.


We design and deliver professional training programmes to corporates, individuals, governments and organisations, both in the private and non profit sectors. Our focus is on following a distinct process in each of the areas of networking, philanthropy and diaspora.

We use clarity of content and communication to make a compelling case why these areas are so vital and how to excel in them.


By creating an online and offline community through training programmes, videos, presentations and workshops.


Kingsley Aikins

Economics and Politics graduate of Trinity College, Dublin. Kingsley has spent over 30 years working in 6 countries in the areas of trade and...

Claire McDonough
Planning and Communications

Masters from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Claire understands that aesthetic thinking helps to communicate complex concepts simply. This approach is a key...

Margaret Morgan
Project Management

Masters from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Margaret evaluates and develops ever-changing programme content to deliver a product that is relevant, inspiring an